How to ground a turntable?

Grounding problems in sound gear are the foremost reason for irritating murmur and distortion.

There has always been an issue when anyone attempts to ground the sound gear. 

ground loop

When the connections of various pieces of equipment are not all at the ѕаmе voltage, an uncalled process called ground loop occurs.

Remember, your turntable must be grounded appropriately to the amplifier

By doing this, the noise will get averted & you will achieve the best sound from your system.

With no previous knowledge, the process саn be а little problematic, particularly if you are just barely searching the universe of turntables and bought yourself a beginner turntable – but don’t worry.

A long time аgо, we were in the position of a confused beginner. 

First of all, we саn assure you оnсе уоu learn а little, there are а lot of rеаllу incredible turntables out there јuѕt holding up to find а best spot in уоur home.

So how to ground a turntable:-

Step 1– Cut the Power

Turn the power off to the turntable and the amplifier.

This precautionary measure prevents loud, wrecking noise in the speakers as you make connections & bring down the (adequately low) electric power.

Step 2-Locate the Grounding Wire

Find your turntable’s grounding wire.

It is usually connected with the underside of the metal turntable chassis & has a detached copper spade connector.

Most turntable grounding wires are green, even though yours might be of an alternate color.

On another turntable, the wire might be folded underneath the frame & wrapped with a curve tie. Open up the wire.

Step 3- Find the Grounding Terminal

Discover the grounding terminal on your receiver or amplifier.

It is generally on the back of the unit & unmistakably stamped “ground.”

The terminal might be a metal post with a knurled shaft or a basic screw terminal.

Release the establishing terminal.

Step 4 – Make Sure There’s Enough Wire

Make sure that the grounding wire can reach the amplifier’s grounding terminal.

Move your gear to reduce the distance among turntable and enhancer if necessary.

Step 5 – Connect

Move the ground wire spade connector onto the grounding terminal.

Fix the connection with neutral force; there is no reason to over-fix.

Step 6 – That’s it!

Turn the power on to the turntable and amplifier.

Your audio system is ready to go!

How to ground a turntable w/o ground wire

This question has been a hot topic for many years, but no perfect solution has ever been mentioned on the web.

There may be certain tricks you want to cover by yourself, but all go in vain as there is no perfect answer to it.

We have attempted to reach out to you with a satisfactory solution so that you may not have to switch from one site to another, thus, saving your precious time and energy, which is one of our topmost priorities.

So let’s discuss a few important points which is easy, simple and best for you!

  • Buy about 5 feet or1.5 meters of good insulated 18 or 20 gauge stranded wire.
  • Then strip around 6 or 8 mm of insulation off each end with a blade.
  • Now, connect one end of the wire to the framework of the intensifier. Be careful not to connect it to the speaker terminal, yet instead to a sparkly screw in the base of the amp.
  • Now, take the other end of the wire & connect it to a sparkly screw in the metal chassis of the turntable. That will let you know whether you have lost the chassis ground wire since it should clear up the humming.
  • Continue giving multiple points a shot on the metal framework of turntable until you discover one that makes the connection.


  • You can, too, utilize a cheap multimeter (Volt/Ohm/Milliammeter) & make estimations.
  • You can also press the external ring of your RCA plugs down a bit to make a more tightly connection of the ground once in a while doing that will give the best ground connection if turntable chassis is grounded.

Good luck!

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