How to connect a turntable to the soundbar?

You might have seen an upsurge of a new era, which landed you here to connect your turntable to soundbase or soundbar

Indeed, there are a freaking lot of methods you can opt, but what’s best is mentioned only here.

We believe that the loud cry of once side-lined disks have finally been heard as you came to shred their dust and listen to them. 

But what if you don’t have a clue and your high fidelity (Hi-fi) system is quite traditional enough that it can’t connect a turntable

Or the current sound system is more inclined to the home cinema or multi-room, and TV room?

Notably, we have presented a way to connect them, quite easily so that there remains no problem from your end. 

The soundbars are wireless and are compact, which allows you to learn every specification at once.

Turntables are known to be producing a PHONO signal, and except if your stereo has a PHONO input, that sign should be genuinely supported to hear it appropriately.

There have been infinite methods to join them, but the simplest have been extracted and compiled, just for you!

Let’s now then, check a few of the best examples:

How to connect a turntable to the soundbar:

First way:

To connect a turntable to the soundbar, the focus should be on utilizing the correct links. There are generally two RCA jacks, i.e., a white one and a red one.

You’ll need a lot of RCA links if the Bluetooth speaker has an additional two RCA jacks.

Most soundbars have a singular 3.5mm AUX input but don’t have RCA inputs. So place resources into a decent RCA to 3.5mm connection.

On end, it has the two large white and red RCA connectors that interfaces with the preamp (turntable) & a single 3.5mm connector (like your headphones) on the other. 

The Bluetooth speaker’s sound info is changed to AUX when everything gets fit in, control on the turntable is taken, & a record has been started to be played.

Second way:

If your soundbar accompanies a LINE analogue input, i.e., AUX, it tends to be connected to a turntable without built-in preamp through a preamp or to a turntable with the directly built-on preamp.

A soundbar with a LINE analogue input interfaces with a turntable a similar route as powered speakers. You may require an RCA to 3,5mm connector. 

Shockingly, several soundbars accompany just digital inputs like Optical data sources & HDMI.

If that is the situation, there is sadly no straight forward approach to connect that soundbar to a turntable.

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